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Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games November 2022

As we approach the third and final quarter of 2022, new video games are promised to be released. This year has already seen a tonne of incredible Switch games, but there are still more to come in Nintendo switch 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the most anticipated upcoming Nintendo games below. They range from AAA first-party releases to exciting independent titles. We’ve already added to this list multiple times throughout the year because Nintendo has a reputation of upcoming physical switch games announcements under wraps until a couple of months before release.

Nintendo Switch Games nov 2022

In the past nine months, there have been upcoming switch games in 2022 released, including the outstanding Pokémon Legends: Arceus, OlliOlli World, Triangle Strategy, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Mario Strikers: Battle League, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3. 

There were many more announcements made during the September Nintendo Direct such as upcoming Nintendo Switch games in 2024 so even though titles like Metal Slug Tactics and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom were postponed until 2019, there is still a tone to be excited about as the holiday season approaches in Nintendo switch 2023

 coming to switch in 2022 November

Here’s a list of best games coming to switch in 2022 November 

2th Nov 2022 : Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom (Switch) 

Not simply for its amazing visuals, which combined Doraemon’s manga lines with a serene, painterly look that made you want to play as soon as you saw a screenshot, we loved the first Doraemon: Story of Seasons game. The follow-up appears to be equally as delectable.

4th Nov 2022 : It takes Two (switch)

The fact that Hazelight’s co-op game is finally upcoming Nintendo switch games in 2022 with

Turn Me handling the port responsibilities is enough for celebration, even though some of us on the team certainly wouldn’t have handed this the GOTY gong at The Game Awards 2021. Switch owners will have the opportunity to conquer challenges in life and deal with tense relationships in this acclaimed independent hit.

4th Nov 2022 : Harvestella

We enjoy playing good agricultural games, and Harvestella from Square Enix appears to be a standout entry in a congested market. It’s an ambitious-looking life-sim RPG that features big swords and combat along with sowing fields, harvesting crops, and an in-depth story with the variety you’d expect from the developer. It was revealed during the June Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase.

8th Nov 2022: Sifu (switch)

Sifu, one of the many announcements from the September Nintendo Direct Showcase, was released earlier this year on PlayStation 4 and PC. It features a kinetic, hardcore martial arts brawler where you must defeat hordes of opponents in an effort to avenge your father. It received an 8 out of 10 from our pals at Push Square, who described it as “brutal but fantastic and best switch games in 2023.

11th Nov 2022 : Tactics Ogre: Reborn (switch)

Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a surprise release and a cult favourite in the tactical RPG genre, updates the original 1995 Super Famicom game with contemporary visuals, a simplified HD user interface, and various enhancements to the fighting system and soundtrack. Despite the fact that we don’t like the pixel “smoothing” option Square Enix appears to have chosen in this case, it’s hard not to be enthusiastic for a remake of a game this wonderful, despite how uneasy some fans are about the claimed changes.

8th Nov 2022: Sonic Frontiers (Switch)

Sonic Frontiers, which was formally unveiled at The Game Awards 2021, appears to be giving Sega’s mascot the open-world treatment. We’re crossing our fingers, toes, legs, and eyeballs that Sonic Team can make it work, regardless of whether people think it’s more Sonic of the Wild or Sonic of the Colossus.Frontiers will apparently include the return of the “entire vocal cast,” which will please the fans.

18th Nov 2022 : Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (Switch)

With Gen 9’s release on Switch on November 18, it appears like the system is getting a hearty dose of Pokémon love. This upcoming adventure will be fully open-world and take the franchise to new places with a whole new roster of Pokémon to catch, with Gen 9 presumably taking the total number of monsters past the 1000 mark. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were unexpectedly announced, following the excellent Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ release.

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