The hair and makeup artists used stills of Marilyn Monroe from a photo shoot to convert Ana de Armas into the famous icon for Andrew Dominik's "Blonde," which is on Netflix.

Each day ,de Armas received two and a half hours of hair and makeup application from Jaime Leigh McIntosh and Tina Roesler Kerwin respectively.

We were able to determine and experiment what looked better in black and white as opposed to colour because of this, says Kerwin.

Instead of the usual bald cap, it all started with a silicone cap as a normal cap won't be able to completely conceal De Armas' thick, dark hair which was important to hide.

A bald head would not last, continues Kerwin, "once we knew what the day and timetable was going to look like."

Although the pair produced over 100 looks, just 50 or 60 made the cut.

Although it seemed excessive when you first saw her in person, it was just right for the camera and the display. However, we also had to coordinate the dancers.

McIntosh intervened in this situation. She had a problem because she lacked the funds to purchase wigs.

"It was one more in the enormous number of recreations that we had to bang off rapidly," McIntosh continues.