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Write For Us

Infinity guests heartily welcome your infinite creativity in the form of blogs and articles. If you are someone who likes to write for us on various different topics regarding New York or NYC and want to publish them then we are here to seek your craft in this journey of guest blogging. 

Importance of Write for us for Guest blogging in businesses. 

Start-ups and entrepreneurs often need to write about their business and the reasons why they should be invested in. The start-up guest post should be relevant, assertive, and well-researched. We suggest that you focus your writing on topics that are relevant for people of all ages and at different stages of their lives. 

You can send us your guest posts, and if we like it, we’ll publish it.

Our guest post guidelines for approval are simple when you write for us:

1) Write us for a post that is at least 700 to 2100 words in length.

2) It should be about an original idea or an experience you had.

 3) The idea should be actionable and something the readers can use to help them in their businesses. 

4) We will review your post submission on the basis of its benefits to readers and accuracy of your writings for us then it would be likely to be published. 

5) Providing relevant and valid links are important so recheck them before submitting. 

Advantages of write for us guest blogging that you need to know 

  • For starters, guest posting is a great way to increase traffic and generate quality leads.
  • If you are looking for increased exposure, guest blogging can be extremely beneficial. Many people search for blogs that have guest posts from reputable sources. If your blog has a lot of quality content from well-respected places, you will see an influx of traffic.
  • It can also help to create the illusion that your blog is popular since other writers with larger followings have already made it their own.
  • In addition to increasing your site traffic, guest posting can also help improve your SEO rankings . If you have high-quality links pointing back at your site from other sites in the same niche, it can greatly improve your rankings when people search for terms related to what you write about on those sites. 

Guest Post Categories that we accept 

Personal Finance Guest Post

Personal finance is a topic that’s always relevant for people of all ages. We accept personal finance articles from experts and non-experts alike. The article needs to focus on topics such as taxes, insurance, mortgages, retirement planning, or on individual financial scenarios or specific investments such as real estate. 

Technology Guest Post 

We accept guest posts on all types of technology, including mobile, desktop, and servers. We also tend to issue articles around the following topics: Hardware, Operating Systems, Computer Components.

Business Improvement & Entrepreneurship Guest Post 

Blogs articles or posts on business improvement for companies and their employees as well as entrepreneurship for individuals is something you can write in this category. Some famous topics are Cost Cutting Ideas or Business Ideas . 

Lifestyle guest post

You can write about your favorite beauty tips, cuisines,  workout routine, or the best places you have visited so far or can also write about your hobbies and interests, as well as your daily life. One of the most important things is to be genuine and honest. 

Other Guest Post that We Accept

The main thing of a blog or article is accurate and helpful information and if you seek a topic that would help a reader or is perfect to have an audience then you can always submit that to us. We are more than happy to review and post it. 

So we are inviting you to write for us and get your business seen by millions of potential customers. If you want to write for our website and share your knowledge with millions of people, Kindly share your topics through: infinityguestss (at) gmail (dot) com.