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5 Best Indian Restaurants NYC, New York City

These Indian outposts provide you the chance to experience the nation’s many regional delicacies without having to board a plane, if you’ve spent the majority of the last two years avoiding eating out owing to COVID and are prepared to escape from your pandemic-imposed cocoons. 

These are the top Indian restaurants in NYC, serving everything from sophisticated dining to savory street food.

1. Usha Foods

Usha Foods NYC
Usha Foods NYC

A vegetarian refuge for Indian cuisine in Floral Park, Queens, that specializes in quick eats, savory appetizers, and eye-catching desserts. One of the places for best Indian food in New York to dine is Usha, which offers substantial quantities, combo platters that let you sample a variety of dishes, and a menu that amply proves you don’t need meat to have one of the city’s most satisfying meals. Mr. Anil Mathur and Mrs. Indira Mathur are the sole owners, operators, and managers of Usha Foods, Usha Sweets, and Usha Snacks. They work tirelessly to offer the community as a whole authentic, high-quality South Asian sweets, snacks, and full-course meals. 

Over the past 20 years, Usha Foods Inc. has expanded significantly thanks to word-of-mouth, becoming what we are today: a place that is synonymous with taste, quality, and continuously top-notch service.

Address: 255-03 Hillside Avenue, Queens

2. Dhamaka

Dhamaka NYC
Dhamaka NYC

Dhamaka, a new “Unapologetic Indian” restaurant delivering regional Indian food to the new Essex Market, is being opened by chef and partner Chintan Pandya and restaurateur Roni Mazumdar of the critically renowned Adda Indian Canteen. It’s one of the best Indian restaurants in New York Midway through 2021, Dhamaka, a stunning new addition to Manhattan’s culinary scene, will start serving food from “the other side of India”, or the areas and cuisines that are less well-known to Americans. The superbly spicy and texturally varied menu is highlighted by artisan breads, goat biryani, and excellent munchies with street food inspiration.

Address: 119 Delancey Street, New York

3. Adda

Adda NYC
Adda NYC

The goal of the crew behind this Queens establishment is expressed in the restaurant’s name, which means “a location where people hang out”. The cuisine at Adda is centered on ingredients because we at the restaurant think that eating is a discourse about life. Roni and Chef Chintan have created traditional dishes the way they were meant to be cooked: with a variety of herbs and spices made in-house while remaining true to India. They did this by invoking hints of their own nostalgia. Join us for a delicious meal along with your spice-loving buddies!

Enjoy the best Indian food in NYC, traditional fare in the eccentric setting adorned with newspaper collages of India, such as butter chicken on the bone or Lucknowi dum biryani.

Address: 31-31 Thomson Ave, New York

4. Punjabi Grocery and Deli

Punjabi Grocery and Deli NYC
Punjabi Grocery and Deli NYC

This shouldn’t be kept for Instagram. The large plate of rice is served with your choice of three real Indian vegetarian dishes, such as chana masala (chickpeas) and saag paneer (creamed spinach), for a reasonable meal. Even if it’s just to get some sweet and sticky gulab jamun in one of those blue paper cups generally used for to-go coffee, anyone who lives in the area should visit this place frequently. Bring around $10 in cash, though, if you want a very hearty meal. Although we frequently choose the samosa chaat, there are also other excellent alternatives, such the brown paper bag of crispy fried pakora and the steaming bowls of chana masala.It is sloppy, mushy, but downright the best Indian food in NYC.

Address: 114 E ,1st St New York (between First Ave and Ave A)

5. Angel Indian Restaurant 

Angel Indian Restaurant
Angel Indian Restaurant 

In Jackson Heights, there is a modest-yet-loved eatery that serves as one of the best Indian restaurants in nyc. The majority of the traditional Indian meals on the menu are inspired by the north.Some cuisines would falter in the face of a vegetarian-only menu, but in Chef Amrit Pal Singh’s unpretentious eatery, plate after plate will show the true power of giving up meat. In contrast to many other restaurants in crowded Jackson Heights, Singh, a native of Punjab, keeps his Indian menu small. Everything is served hot off the pan. Choose any of the mixed-rice biryanis or the chole bhature, which combines puri and chana masala (curried chickpeas) (deep-fried bread).

Address: 7414,37th Rd, New York

So what are you waiting for? Grab your seats at the nearest best restaurants in NYC and enjoy delicious meals.

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