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Green Tea, Is It to Prevent Hair Loss?

In the short span of our lives, hair loss is something we end up dealing with. We all deal with it in different ways. Some choose to restore hair with home remedies, some with hair care products, and some look for a hair restoration clinic in India. However, we sometimes forget that many of our daily routine habits can support our hair growth. For instance, we consume green tea for weight loss, to maintain good health, and for many other benefits. But, do we know that the consumption of green tea can also be a treatment for the issue of hair loss we suffer from? This read will help understand how green tea can be used to treat hair fall.

Smile, as this beverage is easily available, ascertained with no side effects, and can be the home to ample health benefits. Listed below are a few reasons that further explain how green tea can be an elixir in case of hair loss:

green tea

Combats bacteria and fungus: You might not be willing to accept, but it’s a fact that your scalp is home to harmful bacteria and fungus parasites. Instead of taking it as gross, try treating it with the consumption of green tea. Such bacteria and fungi weaken the roots and are the reason for hair fall. If you wash your hair with green tea, such a situation can be avoided easily.

Contains natural catechins: Green tea is abundant in natural catechins. Catechins have the properties of being anti-oxidants. Hair fall is primarily because of dihydrotestosterone, and antioxidants help in lowering the number of dihydrotestosterone in the body.

Its anti-inflammatory nature: Those who are dealing with dandruff must consume green tea on a daily basis. This is because dandruff is a consequence of an itchy scalp, germs and bacteria in the scalp, and uncleanness of the scalp. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that allow for combating itchiness and germs present on the scalp. Further, it ensures that your scalp is clean and free of infections. Evidently, a healthy scalp will foster hair growth, volume and will eliminate the need of searching for a hair restoration clinic in India.

Rich in vitamin B: Green tea is often referred to as a stock of nutrients and especially Vitamin B, which has a secret ingredient that can control hair fall and can also cure split-ends. Thus, when you consume green tea daily, you certainly are giving the right nutrients to your hair follicles.

High polyphenols: Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, is a specific type of polyphenol that is abundant in Green tea. Green tea is effective for hair development since it contains a lot of EGCG.

So, now you are well acquainted with green tea’s benefits to hair follicles. It is time to understand how you can use green tea for your hair so that you can refrain from looking for a hair restoration clinic in India.

Green tea mask: Remember the saying, ‘no pain, no gain.’ Well, here is the time to apply the same. You will have to prepare a green tea mask for your hair. Here is the method to follow:

Take two tablespoons of green tea then add nearly one tablespoon of olive oil and coconut oil to it. If you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan, then you can also add egg yolk. Else, it is not a consumption, so better to add egg yolk, no matter what your food preferences are. Give a good mix of all the ingredients and then apply a thick layer of the mask to your hair and scalp. Keep the mask for at least half an hour, before washing it with shampoo for better results.

Rinse with green tea: Chances are there that you might not be willing to bother yourself to the extent that you can prepare a green tea mask for your hair. Do not worry, it has got your back. 2-3 green tea bags should be brewed for around 15 minutes in two-thirds a litre of water. After that, let it cool down. Use the available green tea to massage your scalp for ten minutes after brushing your follicles of hair with a gentle shampoo. Next, give it a cold-water rinse.

Hair spray of green tea: Who doesn’t love hair styling? Apparently, we all do. Though we all are aware that too much styling can damage our hair follicles. Putting a full stop to getting the desired hairstyle is certainly not the solution. Green tea can help you in attaining the desired hairstyle and simultaneously ensure that your hair follicles don’t get damaged by the heat generated by such styling tools. All you have to do is prepare a hair spray by adding aloe vera gel to extracted green tea leaves. Use this spray before styling. Guess what? This spray will also provide extra shine to your hair follicles and will ensure the minimum contact of hair follicles with dust and dirt. This spray can also be one of the many reasons behind for you to not have the requirement of researching a hair restoration clinic in India.

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