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5 Best wedding photographers in NYC 2023: beautiful!

In search of the best wedding photographers in NYC? After all, there are more than 8.8 million people living in New York City. And you can witness for yourself that those folks are from all over the world with just a fast ride on the A-train. Every religion, gender, color, creed, financial class, and political perspective on earth is represented among the tens of thousands of languages and political perspectives spoken by New Yorkers.

The fact that so many people live in such a tiny region has its advantages, one of which is the assurance that you will always have access to the best when you need it. Sorting through all of your alternatives is the only challenge. So, my fellow New Yorkers, fantastic news for you! If you’re looking for the best wedding photographers in NYC but are feeling overrun by all the incredible options, we’ve put up a list of the top twelve wedding photographers in NYC to help you with at least one of your responsibilities.

They certainly glam up both our social media feeds and mantles, aren’t they? The unique surroundings that our wonderful hosts create serve as breathtaking backdrops for all of your work.

In the Greater New York Area, there are literally thousands of great photographers, but these five stand out for their originality, mastery of their craft, and remarkable capacity to seize the key moment. In a city that is always moving, this is no easy task! If you locate “the one” on our list, please let us know!

Matthew Sowa

wedding photographers in NYC
Matthew Sowa

Let’s start with Matthew Sowa, one of the numerous immigrants who contributes his distinct culture and fashion to the incredible melting pot and is one of the best wedding photographers in NYC. Matthew, a Polish native, blends accurate photojournalism and imaginative portraits for his wedding photography. One of our top wedding photographers in NYC, his distinctively artistic photographs have won him multiple accolades in the field.

With more than 600 weddings under his belt, he must be fairly close to being a pro if practice makes perfect. Whatever the case, we firmly believe that any wedding photographer in NYC who can make his audience laugh and gasp in a matter of seconds deserves a second look on your big day. He also offers cinematography services and photo booth rentals for your special day.

WebsiteMatthew Sowa photography

Olya Vysotskaya

Olya Vysotskaya
Olya Vysotskaya

Another best wedding photographer in NYC whose pictures will make you pause is Olya Vysotskaya. She tells a couple’s tale through a variety of images that use both hard and soft light, motion, and true human connection. But on its own, each one will astound you. It’s important to note that Olya shoots almost solely on film for those of you who recognise the significance of analogue in a digital age.

WebsiteOlya Vysotskaya Photo Atelier

Dave Paek’s

Dave Paek's
Dave Paek’s

Why not depict love in an exotic manner since it is an extraterrestrial experience? In Dave Paek’s amazing photographs, couples are seen underwater, in double exposures, and in the most unexpected frames. Showstopper after Showstopper may be seen on his Instagram page. In actuality, his images are vivid, imaginative, and perplexing all at once. Just watch out if you reside in one of the diminutive flats that New York City is renowned for: you’ll need a lot of wall space to show Dave’s artwork.

Dave is a well-known photographer in New York who has a tonne of work coming his way, yet he still gives back. For advice for both photographers and wedding planners, visit his blog on wedding photography!

WebsiteDave Paek Photography

Petronella Lugemwa

Petronella Photography

Another excellent illustration of what New York City is all about is Petronella Lugemwa. Petronella was born in Uganda and educated at Northwestern University in both chemical engineering and business. She was also raised in Zimbabwe and Alabama. Making gorgeous photographs may not need rocket science, but running one of the best wedding photographers in NYC probably doesn’t hurt to be a boss. Petronella, who specializes in “helping ethnic couples celebrate in a modern way,” celebrates her own mixed history by assisting others in doing the same.

She has received a tonne of professional praise for her engaging and downright gorgeous images, as well as innumerable glowing client comments. Visit her website to see it all, for sure!


Sergey Lapkovsky

Sergey Lapkovsky
Sergey Lapkovsky

Look no further if you need a photographer in New York to beautifully document your destination wedding. Due to his outstanding work, Sergey Lapkovsky has been recognised by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers as one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World. Additionally, we believe that the settings and framing he chooses elevate his compositions. Additionally, We love how he characterizes his style.

WebsiteSergey Lapkovsky


We hope that our list of the top wedding photographers in NYC has given you some ideas for your final decision. And keep in mind that it is home to hundreds of incredible locations that are accessible by the hour in NYC, whether you’re a professional photographer seeking studio space or a couple looking for a unique wedding site. Discover these fantastic hidden gems around New York.

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