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The 5 Best Makeup Artists In NYC, New York 2023

You might not get your makeup done by a professional every day. However, if you want to look your best for a wedding, party, or photograph, you may need to engage a professional to do it properly. We’ve chosen our best makeup artists in NYC for 2022-23.

There are variances in makeup for the theatre, screen, and runway, of course. Selecting a makeup artist who specialises in the kind of makeup you want is therefore essential. Check out best makeup artists in New York City who are creative and excel themselves in their field.

Let’s now move on to our list.

Annabelle LaGuardia


All across New York City and the tri-state region, Annabelle LaGuardia offers her “makeup services in nyc“. To help brides create a “naturally heightened version of themselves,” she works with them. Brides-to-be adore Annabelle’s “Perfect Fit” complimentary discussion prior to scheduling her services. 

  • Additionally, she provides on-site services for various occasions like bar and bat mitzvahs and engagement photo shoots. She was born and raised in New York and worked in makeup studios for almost 21 years before opening her own. 
  • While Annabelle is one of our top picks for DIYers, she’s also one of our favourite and best makeup artists in NYC for hire. You can take some of her techniques home if you take individual lessons from her for $200 per hour. Before your next photo or video project, learning how to do your own cosmetics is a great investment.
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Jonet Williamson

  • Jonet Williamson is a “skilled makeup artist and male groomer, made in New Orleans, based in NYC”, according to her Instagram page, making her the ideal choice for a photoshoot with models of any gender, skin tone, and fashion sense. 
  • Jonet is skilled in a variety of areas, including fashion, portrait photography, hair and makeup in nyc and cosmetics, from vivid eye shadow to finely groomed facial hair. 
  • Shea Moisture’s “My Dad Smiles” campaign and publications including Essence, Marie Claire Latino America, and Male Model Scene have also featured her work.
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Cheek 2 Chic

  • Christina F. Richardson, a makeup artist who provides a “personal approach to the art of cosmetics and makeup services in NYC ” is based out of Cheek 2 Chic. 
  • She started out behind the counter, where she gained extensive industry knowledge for cosmetics. She has knowledge of this through her work as a cosmetics artist and professional stylist. 
  • Hire her as your personal makeup artist to choose the ideal makeup products for you, and reserve her mobile styling services for your bridal makeup in NYC or parties.Christina is one of the good makeup artists in New York City that has received a tonne of good feedback from previous and present clients.
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Deborah Altizio

Deborah Altizio
  • Check out Deborah Altizio if you require a cosmetics artist and one the best makeup artists in NYC for a photo shoot rather than a wedding. A number of magazines’ covers, including Harper’s Bazaar, Modern Luxury Weddings, D’Scene, and others, have featured her work. 
  • She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and later relocated to New York. She bases her artistic approach on her family’s belief that “beauty comes from within”. 
  • Deborah collaborates with well-known people, people who have large followings on social media, and fashion photographers to produce photos that range from conventional to artistic and experimental. Employ her for a session within a reputable photography studio and as a makeup artist in NYC.
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Romana Makeup

  • Romana Lai has been a best makeup artist in NYC and also top choice for hair and cosmetics services in New York City for more than 15 years. She has assembled a superb group of hair and makeup artists who focus on bridal makeup in NYC, fashion, and advertising.
  • In reality, advertisements for both domestic and international brands have used their work. And what about the renowned yearly New York Fashion Week? 
  • Romana Makeup has experience in both places. When you want hair and makeup that are unmistakably you yet a fresh, lovely version of your typical self, rely on this amazing team for hair and makeup in NYC.
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Now you just have to choose a chic backdrop and a skilled makeup artist in New York City for a stunning photoshoot. There are various ranges from fully furnished photo studios with props to sun-drenched ones that look great on Instagram.

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