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Dan Bilzerian : Poker God Or Imposter?

Who is Dan Bilzerian ?

Dan Bilzerian

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian, an American poker player, businessman, and social media influencer, was born on December 7, 1980. Currently Dan Bilzerian house is in Las Vegas as of 2022 in a mansion worth $8.5 million. He was also raised in a wealthy home and didn’t have any financial desires. He acknowledged in an interview that he didn’t have many friends when he was younger, which may have contributed to his development into what he calls a “flashy crazy. Dan Bilzerian height is approximately 5ft 8 inches.

But he also said that his parents were very strict, which may have been another reason behind him not really caring about school, or anything else for that matter. It also seems that he was born with a rebellious streak in him.

  • When he was young, his parents didn’t allow him to have a tattoo, but at the age of 14 he ran away from home and got one anyway!
  • He also said in an interview that his parents wanted him to be a doctor or lawyer when they were growing up. But he started gambling when he was little, and it became an addiction. He dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and started playing poker professionally.
  • Bilzerian claims that this is when he started playing poker actively, participating in house games and reportedly earning up to $90,000 some weeks.
Dan Bilzerian

How did Dan Bilzerian become the current King of Instagram and come to represent everything else?

So instead of being a doctor or lawyer, Dan Bilzerian went on to become the King of Instagram! And what does this title mean? 

Dan Bilzerian Instagram has millions of followers on Instagram who love following all his activities through his social media accounts. And for some people this is more than enough to make them famous too! 

In fact you can read Dan Bilzerian book which has inspired many people to do similar things as him, such as:

  • There are many other Instagram stars like these who are making money by sharing photos and videos online and being paid by brands for doing so!
  • He frequently posts pictures and videos of himself there with naked women, flashy automobiles, and weaponry. Therefore many individuals don’t like Blitz’s apparent love of firearms and massive private collection. 
  • Dan Bilzerian Instagram though, doesn’t seem to give any thought to that. His 32.8 million followers show that even while some may despise him for it, a good number of others actually like it such as Dan Bilzerian no beard look was viral among his fans.
dan bilzerian book

The Buzz Around Partnership With GGPoker And The Setup Of Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian started out by playing poker professionally. He was a pretty good player, with a few wins under his belt. He also started to invest in the stock market, and made some decent money there as well.

  • This is where things start to get weird. Dan Bilzerian began investing in some pretty strange stocks, and he made an obscene amount of money on them. Some of these stocks were worth less than a dollar when he bought them, but they each surged to over $100 per share within just a couple months of him buying them. 

The most notable example was a company called Nautilus Inc. A Setup Of Dan Bilzerian , he invested $3 million in and ended up making over $50 million from it. The only question is how he did it insider trading is the obvious answer, but there’s no proof of that yet we doubt we’ll ever find out for sure since this happened 20 years ago at this point. Either way, it doesn’t matter now because Bilzerian has blown through all his money and has to live off his poker winnings and endorsements from companies like Monster Energy Drinks.

Dan Bilzerian

Dan bilzerian net worth and his controversies 

Dan Bilzerian earns $200,000 per day and has a net worth of $200 million. But this self-proclaimed “Instagram playboy,” Bilzerian has a knack for attracting controversy. He’s been accused of scamming, cheating and bullying his opponents in numerous tournaments.

  • He also made headlines when one of his horses died after being run into by a truck that he was driving himself, and when one of his homes was raided by police due to illegal firearms. Although he wasn’t indicted in either case, Bilzerian is reportedly facing legal troubles in another matter as well.
  • It seems that the poker star has been involved in a messy lawsuit with a former friend who claims Dan Bilzerian stole millions of dollars worth of bitcoin from him. The lawsuit is still ongoing, but it certainly hasn’t made “Blitz” change his ways. 

The Instagram playboy continues to post photos and videos of himself surrounded by beautiful women and high-end luxury items on social media. We can only guess what kind of trouble he will get into next.

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