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Why Is Elon Musk Considered A New Age Super Villain?

Elon Musk

If we say Elon musk is one the weirdest as well as interesting living creature alive would it be wrong? We think “NO” because the mindset, actions and reactions of Elon Musk is something which is totally absurd and unpredictable. Obviously every coin has two sides but which side is right and makes sense is totally upon you.

So without further ado let’s look beyond the richest man in the world : Elon Musk

Elon Musk has transformed into for the world what The Joker was for Batman: a chaos-creating agent who does whatever he wants regardless of the price or the price or the repercussions. There is frequently very little apparent justification for anything he does, and it doesn’t matter who he harms, whose lives he wrecks, or who he needs to step over in order to obtain what he wants. Elon Musk’s companies are the epitome of an internet troll, and he now oversees two businesses that stand a good chance of colliding and destroying one another.

The Harsh Truth About Tesla 

  • The Tesla Model 3 was supposed to be a game changer. It was supposed to be the car that made electric vehicles truly affordable, but it never really managed to be that. It’s extremely expensive with its base model starting at $35,000 and the long-range model starting at $44,000. 
  • This is still more expensive than what most people would pay for a traditional car with similar performance. The performance isn’t even that great, but it does have some great features like autonomous driving and autopilot. 
  • However, this doesn’t justify the price tag either because you can get fully autonomous vehicles from other manufacturers for way less than what Elon Musk Tesla wants for their cars.

The Tesla Model Y is basically just a crossover version of the Model 3 with some added features like more cargo space and an optional third row of seats for extra passengers or storage space. It also has longer range than its predecessor thanks to swapping out the battery pack for one with larger capacity and using less battery cells in total so they can use more energy dense cells instead while also making them cheaper per unit because they are made by Panasonic instead of Tesla itself which owns its own battery factory now since Panasonic has abandoned plans to build one in Nevada under Elon Musk’s pressure after he threatened them with tariffs.

Musk’s SpaceX 

While working as the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla may seem like a dream job, Musk works 100 hours per week, according to an interview with Bloomberg. This means he is constantly putting in long days and nights at the office. He is known for being demanding of those around him and has even gone as far as sleeping under his desk when he was working on the Tesla Model S.

“The worst is when you stop caring about things that you once did care about, ” Musk remarked in a Rolling Stone interview. You know it’s time to calm down when it happens”.

Musk’s SpaceX 
Musk’s SpaceX 

The Twitter Show Down By Elon Musk

Days after the billionaire took over as CEO of Twitter, staff members noticed comparable trends. Nearly half of the company’s employees were abruptly let go in the second week as part of an effort to bolster Elon Twitter’s bottom line. “The layoffs were just brutal,” one former employee said. “It was very difficult for people to concentrate on their work without feeling like they could have their jobs taken away at any time because people were fired for no apparent reason.”

CEO Elon musk of twitter declined to comment on the layoffs and referred Quartz to a post by CEO Jack Dorsey on Medium about the company’s restructuring:

“Organic growth is our priority and we are continuing to increase our audience across all of our key metrics including daily active usage, engagement and revenue per capita, also known as ARPU. As we have shared in public filings, we are not satisfied with our growth in audience, but there are positive signs so far. We will continue building a product that people love which uses Twitter in new and compelling ways every day. That’s how we grow.

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